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2015 Shengmai Group"collective birthday Party"

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 "Collective birthday party" in wins Mai group regarded as a relatively solemn gathering, the Thanksgiving Shengmai Group to time "would like to think of employees, and employees of the clinics" really put into the business development staff first.
December 31, 2015 ushered in the Ministry of Shengmai Group Foreign Trade collective birthday party for the second half of this year's meetings and activities scheduled in the capital of the most high-end hotels. "Palace Hotel" - the magnificent decoration, upscale dining rooms furnishings, delicious dishes classic, people aspire to the capital each "gourmet paradise"; with the Shengmai group chairman-Hekui An sentence "the most hard sweat in exchange for the most sumptuous fruits of their labor, often enjoy only high-end, in order to know the pace of efforts can not stop".
 The gatherings, every employee is happy, from entering the dining rooms of the moment we are in a mutual pictures, laughing each time is more important for a better rapport between the wind ..... Thanksgiving life has Such a group of like-minded people together through "collective birthday" Our party Shengmai Group eternal theme, candles, cake, collective blessing sound, the sound at the ......