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Anping County leadership Inspected County Industry leaders

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 On Dec.31st,2015,Shengmai Company listed on SHIJIAZHUANG EQUITY EXCHANGE,Which indicated Shnegmai company has stepped into a new journey;
Shengmai Listed bell sounded,at the same time gets the attention and concern from the country leaders.

January 14, 2015 the sun is shining, Anping county government leadership went into ShengMai group,accompanied by the Shengmai chairman Mr. An Hekui visited Shengmai new plant and new products exhibition of achievements in 2015.In this research time,the main county leaders of related departments all in attendance and generated strong interests about the company products.All leaders evaluated the new products---welded gabion mesh "great originality",and commanded company to highlight the characteristics of wire mesh products so that bring the whole wire mesh industry to high-tech industrial industrialization.
While have high hopes on punching, laser cutting and other interior and exterior decorations products, and commanded company responsible person must work out a new product development, promotion and other cutting-edge work.

During a visit to the site, the county's top leader gave a positive affirmation about Shengmai Company development and planning,
And exhortations at all levels must vigorously promote such as "ShengMai group" as promising and support the work of construction companies, so the process of enterprise development and progress. There are no funds and other aspects of worries.

Today's visit by the discussion,Anping ShengMai Group as the industry leader but will live up to the expectations of the leadership of the county, to do the leading role in the development and marketing of new products, for the local government to win glory for the financial income;
not the best, but better!
We ShengMai Group will continue to move forward on the road to development line !!!
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