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Automatic Fence Mesh Welding Machine

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The composition of the automatic fence mesh welding machine workstation system:


1. Robot: Receive the signal from the control cabinet to make the welding reach the welding position.


2. Robot control cabinet: Receive external signals, such as welding, teach pendant, external control cabinet, etc., and transmit the data to the robot to complete the welding task.


3. Automatic fence mesh welding machine welding torch: The welding torch utilizes the high current of the welding machine. The heat generated by the high voltage gathers at the end of the welding torch, melts the welding wire, and the melted welding wire penetrates into the part to be welded. After cooling, the welded object is firmly connected into one. .


4. Fence mesh welding machine welding power source: It is the purpose of melting the solder and the material to be welded on the welding wire by using the high temperature arc generated by the positive and negative poles in the instant short circuit to combine the objects to be contacted.


5. Wire feeder of wire mesh welding machine: It is an automatic wire feeding device that can continuously and stably send the welding wire according to the set parameters under the control of microcomputer.


6. Feeding disc of automatic fence mesh welding machine: Hold the disc welding wire and fix it on the robot, so that the robot can make the silk more smooth when it is in motion welding.


7. Transformer of fence mesh welding machine: As the name implies, it is used to convert voltage. (Note: The fanuc robot is a three-phase 200V voltage, and the factory commonly uses voltage three-phase 380V.)


8. The positioner of the wire mesh welding machine: the rotation of the weldment is stopped by the motor to make the weldment reach the proper welding position, and the auxiliary welding is completed, which is controlled by the external control cabinet.


9. Clearing station of fence mesh welding machine: complete welding torch cleaning slag, spray anti-splash liquid, trim wire. The welding effect is optimal.


10. Welding fume purifier: The welding fume purifier is used for the purification of soot and dust in the processes of welding, cutting, grinding, etc., as well as the recovery of rare metals and valuable materials, etc., which can purify a large amount of fine metals suspended in the air and harmful to the human body. Particles.


11. External control cabinet of the wire mesh welding machine: Control the positioner, transfer the motor parameters and transfer the data to the Fanuc control cabinet.


12. Dust cover and suction pipe: The dust and dust are sucked into the welding dust purifier through the dust cover and the suction pipe to filter the air.

Fence-Mesh welding machine


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