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Barbed Wire Machine

We have a wide range of Barbed Wire Machines that are available at our infrastructure. These machines are used to make and designed barbed wire which are widely used as fences for security purpose in industries, civil aviation and defense industries. Due to its sturdy design, resistant to corrosion, reliability and durability, these machines are widely acclaimed in the market. The price range that we offer is affordable and cost-effective that attracts maximum clientele.

Normal double twisted barbed wire machine also name traditional twisted barbed wire machine, it is designed to produce screens with single or double-strand barbed steel wire,thermo-plated with zinc.The machine is of horizontal design,consisting of two parts,assembled together at the middle.It is safe and reliable in operation,capable of turning out high quality products with consistency. 

Barbed Wire Machine could be classified into three types: Normal twisted barbed wire machine, Single twisted barbed wire machine, Reverse twisted barbed wire machine.
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