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Chain link fencing machine

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1. Chain link fencing machine welding host adopts synchronous control technology, long service life, high precision, high pressure, and promotes strong solder joints.

2. Fence making machine control system adopts programming controller, touch screen display, convenient operation interface, work The method is simple.

3. The chain link fencing machine adopts a new type of high-efficiency welded wire mesh transformer. The gear shifting can be divided into eight grades, which expands the range of welding wire diameter. Under professional design, the electrode block wear rate is low and can be used on multiple sides.

4. Fence making machine netting system is controlled by computer programming, the horizontal wire spacing is infinitely adjusted, and the hole spacing is determined by the program. There can be multiple different transverse bar spacings on the same mesh.

5. The chain link fencing machine blanking system adopts patented technology, single single Fall, the wheel is dropped, no need to put it manually.


Application of fence making machine


Reinforced mesh fence making machine has a wide range of applications and has been widely used in industrial and civil building slabs. Roofs, walls, bridges, concrete pavements, platforms, airports, cement pipes, concrete prefabricated parts, retaining walls, mountains Slope protection, tunnels, piers, dams, etc.



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