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Description: JD-100 can be used to nail nails with a length of less than 100mm. It is the most commonly used model.

Equipment speed: the speed can be adjusted. Make 50 nails more than 2200 nails per minute. The bigger the nails, the slower, the smaller the faster.

Welding speed: 3300 / min, the welding speed completely exceeds the speed of nail material, and there will be no leakage or virtual welding phenomenon when the old welding machine is at high speed.

Equipment power consumption: the general power consumption is 3-5KW, which is related to the speed of the equipment, such as nail size, welding current and welding wire diameter.

Equipment list: main body of nailing machine, welding wire frame, vibration plate, vibration plate frame, vibration bucket, vibration bucket frame, equipment with its own mold nail bearing wheel (dimension can be customized), 2 spare welding wheels, 94 teeth, 115 teeth counter wheel (generally used for nails of 38mm length below 94,115), 2 sets of nail driving wheel, etc.Standby proximity switch, photoelectric switch, relay, circular belt, etc.

After-sales guarantee: the machine is guaranteed for one year, and the welding machine is guaranteed for two years.

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