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Fence Machine

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The art fence produced by the environmentally friendly cement art fence machine replaces the strengths of the wrought iron and pvc fences and is elegant.


Features of the fence machine

The grassland mesh produced by this fence link machine has become the preferred fence for sand source control, grass protection, ecological environment management and agriculture and animal husbandry fences. The fence machine has novel structure, firm and precise structure, flat mesh surface, uniform mesh, strong integrity, high toughness, no close together, non-slip, anti-pressure and so on.

Application of fence link machine

Widely used in: zoo fences, construction site fences, captive poultry, slope greening, landscaping nets, safari, grassland, pasture and other fenced grazing and custody sites, especially for pasture fence projects, for the realization of rotation grazing, protection Grassland can play a very important role, and can also be used for isolation protection of precious flowers, forests, and plantations.



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