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Fence Mesh welding machines

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Fence mesh welding machine model structure:

1. The main machine of fence mesh machine is made of standard steel plate, square steel, section steel and other steel, with reasonable mechanism and stable performance.

2. Welding power electronic control system of fencing machine: Synchronous control technology is adopted. The welding time and sub-control welding are composed of digital integrated circuits, and the control precision performance is stable.

3. The welding of fence mesh welding machines adopts one-time welding and resistance welding technology of split welding. The welding points are completed instantaneously, the welding points are firm and there is no burn marks.

4. The weft wire of this fence mesh machine is controlled by stepping motor, the loop is automatically blanked, the drop point is accurate, no manual adjustment is needed, the warp feed is made by circulating the wire, and the welded mesh edge of the fencing machine is neat, no trimming is needed.

5. Pulling net of fencing mesh welding machines adopts servo motor control, automatic cycle pulling net, and equipped with automatic cutting network system, no need for manual cutting, automatic net cutting, automatic stacking, reducing labor costs.

6. Welding transformer of fence mesh machine: A new type of high-efficiency welding transformer is adopted for this fencing machine. The shifting is divided into eight grades, which could expand welding wire diameter range.



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