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Fence mesh panel welding machine

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Fence mesh panel welding machine. People have no long-term care, they must have near-worry, and they are not far from worrying.


Fence mesh panel welding machine model use: 1, fence welding machine coal mine support net, fence net, floor pouring top net; 2, guardrail net welder construction net (Shu Le net, geothermal net, seedbed net, flower Room network).


The welding speed of fence welding machine is fast, the form of the artificially placed steel wire of the wire mesh welding machine is changed, and the defects such as the unevenness of the wire mesh are improved; the transverse rib of fence mesh panel welding machine is automatic falling wire, the vertical rib can also be selected with automatic falling wire, and the wire mesh can be The automatic stacking saves the labor cost compared to the whole; the welded joint of the welded wire mesh machine is firm, the splash is small when welding, and there is no extra edge around the mesh, which does not affect the aesthetics of the mesh. 

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