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Mid -2017 summary conference

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How time flies, suddenly came to 30 June of the year (one year intermediate stage), half a year so nervous and busy the past , so Mid -2017 summary is very important, if the first half of the year do bad, summing up experience and continue to work hard, we have the second half of the sprint opportunities;If the first half of the year is good, the same in the first half of the year on the basis of continuous progress.

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Shengmai Group exporting department total sales task is 50 million in 2017, we just finished the first half of the 10 million mission, in the first half of the overall performance is not very good, from our years there is a big step forward;So what we need to do in the second half of the year is to summarize and move forward;

The chairman of Shengmai Group ,Kevin An also participated in the summary conference and gave a comprehensive analysis of the reasons why our performance is not very good at the moment.

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The development of VIP big customers , the enterprise when there is no big partners, not only the overall performance of ascension is not obvious, and also all business sellers will be in a state of fatigue stress, development of large customers also need patience and experience a protracted war, shengmai group we do foreign trade eight years of time also accumulated a lot of foreign trade experience, we have the most talented staff, high-quality products and various promotional platform, we have no reason to not attract greater demand, the goal is clear, nothing is more worth than the customer and make money we need to fight for.

Development the demand for wire mesh products customers into machine demand, the expansion of the factory machinery products allow customers to buy, to attract more buyers, let the customer's business scale, customer orders constantly with the customer to make us more persistence, cooperation between amount of ascension;

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Broaden our thinking, help them grow up with same countries and regions, customers and analysis of the local market for our products which are more popular industry, for example, one New Zealand customer buy our chain link fence continuous, at the same time we also have another New Zealand customer who buy from us in a lot of temporary fence, then we can suggest the first customer to look at temporary products demand in the local market, help customer analysis market at the same time, in addition to thank our customers is the future if you have more orders must be give priority to us;

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Show our team work, the details of the order we should talk in our team then we can under the order very well will not make any mistakes, so that customers will find you place an order;

Be more professional, familiar with product knowledge and professional in answering customer questions;In this way, we can generate customers' trust and dependence, so as to retain customers in the long run.

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To sum up all the above questions and Suggestions that the general meeting of the middle of the year will allow us to stop after the long journey and have a short rest and reflection, which will allow us to move forward more smoothly.

Thank to our chairman Kevin An‘s wonderful analysis and guidance, find out the reasons, clear objectives, determination, believed in the second half of 2017 , we will with more excellent performance reward ourselves and company!The year 2017 will be a wonderful year.


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