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Training activities are in progress

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Training is the best employees to the staff of the "golden rice bowl", a good company must go out to learn, continue to inject fresh blood can make the company with each passing day, as a business sector - foreign trade business, we should always learn and To explore, and more to participate in some meaningful foreign trade training activities, wins the company for the new staff will organize and arrange a complete training, for business 2-3 years without a breakthrough staff we ask the teacher or to participate in some of the elderly on foreign trade How to break through their own, better follow the customer training;

    For the team in terms of internal, to learn to share their own experience, the internal first learn from each other, we learn from each other and learn from the experience ... ... Shengmai company's internal training principle is that each employee into a single after the process will own a single And the experience of communication with customers are unreserved to share to everyone, so that we better reference, but also always remind themselves to deepen and customer confidence in communication;

    We are welcome to the Ministry of Foreign Trade Department of the arrangements for the training staff is Lydia Zhao to explain the details of Nigeria anti-climb fence orders; Cathy Shi book to explain the Indian chain link fence machine customers; let us all Nigeria and India, two countries business details Have a full understanding and awareness;

    Each training has a harvest, more or less, as long as we can grasp a point, the significance of our training activities also played a role! The Learn more from the business on the podium, in the podium to share the experience and then re-integration of the business, the process is also the accumulation of experience in the process of learning to learn more richer knowledge;



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