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Wire Mesh Welding Machine

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Wire mesh welding machine is mainly used for welding fence mesh, building mesh, nursery mesh and so on. The wire of the fence mesh welding machine has a diameter of 2.0-4.0 mm/3.0-5.0 mm.


 1. Each set of welding transformers of the wire welder machine can adjust the gear position separately, making the welding more reliable, more stable, faster and more intelligent.


 2. The welding electrode head of the wire mesh welding machine is made of high quality special welding chrome-tantalum copper. The fence mesh welding machine has good electrical conductivity, long service life and low maintenance cost.


  3. In order to adapt to the capacity of the user's power supply transformer and reduce the current impact on the power grid, the welding control of the wire welder machine adopts a method of welding and controlling the power transmission, that is, when welding the same row of weft wires, the welding transformer is separated. Work, but does not affect the welding speed.


  4. The system program of wire mesh welding machine adopts PLC programming control, humanized operation interface, easy to operate and master; the screen specification is adjusted by LCD touch screen, all welding parameters and production data are set conveniently and quickly; fence mesh welding machine Variety of welding grids, latitudinal grid adjustment microcomputer control, can set dozens of different specifications, the warp grid can adjust related components.


 5. The vertical wire of the wire welder machine can be straightened and cut off without additional straightening machine, and the wire is directly pulled out into the machine, which greatly reduces the labor cost.


Fence-Mesh welding machine


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