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  • Q National Day

    According to the notice informed by the general office of the state council, please kindly be informed that our offices in China ( Changsha, Shenzhen ) are off work for Victory Day & Mid-autumn & National Day. Here is the details :
  • Q Happy birthday to Shengmai Staff

    The Shengmai Birthday Party was held on 6th, August,2016.
    It is the happiest to sea the familiar face every year.
    There are two staff works here more than 6 years, one works for 5 years, and two works for 4 years. 6 staff works more than 3 years. 
  • Q Hot sale expanded metal mesh

    Main advantage of the Expanded Metal Mesh machineis its low cost price but the productivity of the machine is very high.The universality of the Machine allows to manufacture goods with the  wide range of cell sizes from 10×25mm to  30×60mm.Mesh width can be up to 1.25m. Winding of roll is automatic. In the manufacture of the expanded metal mesh used cold rolled metal and hot-dip galvanized  metal sheets with the thickness from 0,35 mm up to 1,0 mm.Advantages of Automatic Expanded Metal Mesh Machine:
  • Q Mid-Autumn Festival

    We wish each other a long life so as to share the beauty of this graceful moonlight, even though miles apart.
    Went to a year's Mid Autumn Festival, all the people who worked outside will come back home and reunite with their family, eating moon cake ,enjoying the joy of reunion in the moonlight.
  • Q Low price machine for nail

    Feature of Low price machine for nail
    1). This machine adopts plunger type structure to ensure its high working speed, low noise and low impact characteristics.
    2). Especially it can make high quality You Mao nails which used for high speed welding machine and nail gun, and it can make nails for other use.
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